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Improved changes

We’ve released a new version of 7 Days Db in which we now show changelogs for skills and quests. You can check it out in individual skills such as I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay or over at the changelogs section

Published 2016-05-26, 0 comments

Screenshots and improved categories

Our newest feature, screenshots - have been added today. See an example here at Cotton. If you have an item, please share an image of it on the site and we’ll be forever grateful!

The item and block categories have been vastly improved - we feel that they are useful now when exploring or looking for specific items.

Published 2016-04-04, 0 comments

Alpha 14

The database has now been updated with the latest A14 builds up until 14.2 along with a few bugfixes here and there.

Published 2016-03-31, 0 comments
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Version 14.7

Released 2016-06-20
Item and block changes

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