Steam Achievements

Cause he's the Ax Man

Craft your first Stone Ax
Achieved by 44.2% of players

Good in the sack

Place your first sleeping bag, old bed or king sized bed
Achieved by 40.56% of players

Alexander Bell

Craft 50 Items
Achieved by 36.84% of players

Handy Man

Craft your first wood frame
Achieved by 36.61% of players

Christopher Columbus

Travel 10 Kilometers
Achieved by 35.57% of players

The Grave Digger

Kill 10 zombies
Achieved by 34.39% of players


Scored 10 in a Single Game
Achieved by 31.32% of players

Bite the dust

Die 5 Times
Achieved by 29.2% of players

Benjamin Franklin

Craft 500 Items
Achieved by 26.06% of players

Ferdinand Magellan

Travel 50 Kilometers
Achieved by 25.38% of players

Evil Knievel

You don't have a leg to stand on?
Achieved by 22.78% of players

The Embalmer

Kill 100 zombies
Achieved by 22.72% of players


Scored 50 in a Single Game
Achieved by 22.67% of players

Playing Doctor

Stop a critical bleed-out with a bandage, first aid bandage or first aid kit
Achieved by 22.58% of players

Henry Ford

Craft 1500 Items
Achieved by 20.31% of players

The Homestead Act

Place your first Land Claim
Achieved by 19.55% of players

Dig Deep

How low can you go?
Achieved by 18.59% of players


Scored 250 in a Single Game
Achieved by 14.22% of players

Marco Polo

Travel 250 Kilometers
Achieved by 14.19% of players

Brush with Death

50 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game
Achieved by 13.8% of players

Thomas Edison

Craft 5000 Items
Achieved by 13.44% of players

The Mortician

Kill 500 zombies
Achieved by 13.43% of players

Knock em Dead

Die 25 Times
Achieved by 11.79% of players


Scored 500 in a Single Game
Achieved by 9.79% of players

Alive and Kicking

Reached 125 in Wellness
Achieved by 9.26% of players

Near Death Experience

150 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game
Achieved by 8.69% of players

Neil Armstrong

Travel 1000 Kilometers
Achieved by 7.08% of players

Fit as a Fiddle

Reached 150 in Wellness
Achieved by 6.11% of players


Scored 1000 in a Single Game
Achieved by 5.17% of players

Cheated Death

500 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game
Achieved by 4.85% of players

The Funeral Director

Kill 2500 zombies
Achieved by 3.88% of players

Healthy as a Horse

Reached 175 in Wellness
Achieved by 3.32% of players

Nearly Immortal

1250 Minutes Lived in a Single Player Game
Achieved by 2.53% of players

The polar bare club

Cold enough for you?
Achieved by 2.48% of players

Your Number's Up

Die 100 Times
Achieved by 2.44% of players

Dirty Larry

You feel lucky?
Achieved by 2.29% of players

The Picture of Good Health

Reached 200 in Wellness
Achieved by 2.28% of players


Kill 10 Players
Achieved by 1.78% of players

On top of the world

Reach for the sky?
Achieved by 1.4% of players

Julius Caesar

Kill 50 other players
Achieved by 0.7% of players

Genghis Khan

Kill 100 other players
Achieved by 0.56% of players

Alexander the great

Kill 250 other players
Achieved by 0.47% of players

Meet Your Maker

Die 500 Times
Achieved by 0.42% of players

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