Corrugated Metal Pillar100

“Used for bases. Upgrade & repair with a construction tool & iron. Upgrade more with concrete mix & others.”



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Corrugated Metal Pillar100 can be repaired with 12 Iron.


Can be upgraded to Scrap Iron Pillar100 with 40 Iron using one of Claw Hammer, Nailgun, Stone Axe, Taza's Stone Axe, Wrench .



  • Extends item changed from metalNoUpgradeMaster to corrugatedMetalMaster
  • Economic value changed from 12 to 15
  • UseGlobalUV set to Local
  • Upgrade hits set to 4
  • Upgrades to set to Scrap Iron Pillar100
  • Repair item set to 12 x Iron
  • Repair items set to 40
  • Repair item set to Iron
  • ImposterExchange set to imposterDontBlockBlock
  • Bundle size set to 2
  • Description set to scrapFrameGroupDesc
  • CustomUpgradeSound set to place_block_metal
  • CreativeMode set to None
  • Repair item was removed


  • Economic value set to 12


  • Repair item set to 2 x Forged Iron
  • Extends item set to metalNoUpgradeMaster


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