Land Claim Block

“A land claim block can be placed to protect an area from other players in PVP. The green box shows the size of the area.”



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Scrapping and melting

Scrapping this item gives you 200 iron.

It can be melted into 200 iron in the Forge


Land Claim Block can be repaired with 50 Forged Iron.

Crafting Land Claim Block


Forged Iron x 100

Crafting setup




  • Weight set to 200
  • TakeDelay set to 30
  • Repair item set to 50 x Forged Iron
  • CreativeMode set to Player
  • ActivationDistance set to 14
  • Repair item was removed


  • Economic value set to 160


  • Material changed from steel to Msteel
  • Max stack set to 1
  • Repair item set to 10 x Forged Steel


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If you don't need this on private servers, this can be crapped for a bunch of scrap iron.

By Rizzano, version 13.8

@Rizzano: scrapped*

By Rizzano, version 13.8

@Rizzano: That's interesting, we must have missed something here. I'm adding a note to investigate, thanks!

By splitfeed, version 13.8

@splitfeed: They can be melted down in the forge too. Takes a while bit gives a bunch of iron.

By Rizzano, version 13.8

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