Wood Spikes

“Wood spike traps can damage, cripple, even kill most enemies. Place them using the secondary action.”



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Wood Spikes can be repaired with 1 Wood.

Downgrades into Trap Spikes Damage1 when destroyed.

Crafting Wood Spikes


Wood x 20



  • Burn time changed from 12:00 to 05:00
  • Damage received changed from 40 to 33


  • Repair item changed from 16 x Wood to 1 x Wood


  • Damage received set to 40
  • Downgrades to set to Trap Spikes Damage1
  • Bundle size set to 50
  • Economic value set to 10
  • Damage set to 5
  • Repair item changed from 3 x Wood to 16 x Wood
  • Material changed from wood_weak to MtrapSpikes1
  • Burn time changed from 00:36 to 12:00
  • Class changed from Spikes to TrunkTip
  • Buff when walked on changed from Bleeding Out to trapDamageZombie
  • SiblingBlock was removed


  • Buff when walked on set to Bleeding Out
  • Collides with changed from movement,melee,bullet,rocket to movement,melee,bullet,arrow,rocket


  • SiblingBlock changed from trapSpikesDamage01 to trapSpikesDamage1
  • Burn time changed from 00:33 to 00:36
  • Collides with changed from movement,bullet,rocket,melee to movement,melee,bullet,rocket


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