Hunting Rifle Parts

“A part of the hunting rifle. Assemble with other parts to create a complete hunting rifle once you've read the schematic.”



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Scrapping and melting

Scrapping this item gives you 15 iron.

It can be melted into 15 iron in the Forge


Hunting Rifle Parts can be repaired with Repair Kit.

Used for crafting


If you're wondering where to find Hunting Rifle Parts, this is all of the containers and locations where it's possible for Hunting Rifle Parts to spawn.



  • Economic value set to 750


  • Weight changed from 10 to 15
  • Description changed from huntingRiflePartsGroupDesc to partsHuntingRifleGroupDesc
  • Max durability changed from 30 - 600 to 1500 - 5000
  • Custom icon changed from pistol_parts to partsPistol_parts
  • Repaired with set to Repair Kit
  • Extends item set to partsMaster
  • DegradationBreaksAfter set to false
  • Accuracy set to .7,0.01


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