Screenshots and improved categories

Our newest feature, screenshots - have been added today. See an example here at Cotton. If you have an item, please share an image of it on the site and we’ll be forever grateful!

The item and block categories have been vastly improved - we feel that they are useful now when exploring or looking for specific items.

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Alpha 14

The database has now been updated with the latest A14 builds up until 14.2 along with a few bugfixes here and there.

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Buffs and improved version info

You can now see release-dates and links to the official changelog for the different versions. Buffs are now visible on items that cause them and you can now get some detailed information on how to cure Dysentery for an example.

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Loot lists

A very powerful (in my opinion) feature got released today. It’s a loot list of sorts. If you visit an item you can see exactly in what containers it can spawn so you can loot with more efficiency when looking for a specific item. Check out the book Minibikes For Dumbshits to give it a try!

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Lately we've been working hard at getting views of what has changes between versions so now there is both a complete (albeit filtered) list of changes per version and also a list on each item so you can see what happens. A good example is the Crossbow or the Nailgun which has seen some major updates over the versions. Changes that happened before A11 are currently not available since they have major differences in file format and our priorities has been elsewhere.

Items and blocks are now separated into two pages to help you find what you're looking for and we have added a bunch of new properties on them as well.

We also added some links to other related sites which you can see on the start page. If you have any suggestions for additions, please send us a comment and we'll check it out!

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