The Man Eater

Kill some Male Zombies

“Hey Asshole,
The wasteland is a lonely desolate place. We've been looking in on you and think you might be a good addition to our clan. But before we take in another mouth to feed you'll need to prove yourself worthy. Do this task and we'll consider taking you in.

Crazy ‘but still kicking' Jake

Challenge: Kill some male zombies”


  • Finish in 15 minutes (optional)
  • Kill 1 zombieBoe,zombieBoeFeral
  • Kill 1 zombieJoe,zombieJoeFeral
  • Kill 1 zombieMoe,zombieMoeFeral
  • Kill 1 zombieYo,zombieYoFeral
  • Kill 1 zombieSteve,zombieSteveFeral


  • Skill points: 2
  • Skill point: 1 (optional)


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